Returning to your roots can often be a traumatic event, even if the philanthropic Contessa is on hand to help...












This is the third in the An Eccentric in Lucca series of novels, which are set against the sunny, relaxed landscape of Tuscany.

COGOL is expanding its musical horizons and is joining forces with Arthur Crowe's Banda Inghiltalia to present a programme including selections from "South Pacific". Although the Contessa is always open to new musical ideas, what Susan Kinross had in mind as her portrayal of Bloody Mary could well push the bounds of decency just a little too far. Then there is the usually reliable tenor Tito Viale, who seems to be so preoccupied lately that even the Contessa has become concerned.

Her pathologist son, Luigi, finds overseeing the extention of the Contessa's GCB hospice more than he bargains for, when he has to face both the results of religious persecution form a bygone age as well as the realization that his department at the State Hospital might well be the key to solving the murder in the car park. Good news, perhaps, as Questore Conti seems to be making no progress at all.

Against all of this is the woeful situation of Antonio and Beatrice Farina and their dream of opening the Taste of Britain in Lucca. Sadly for them, fish and chips would not seem to be to the Italian taste.

Then there is the attractive conductor of the Banda Inghiltalia and the torment he is unwittingly causing in the Contessa's conscience: what would her late, much-loved husband, Il Conte, think of this attraction?