The young Egyptologist Rupert Winfield has escaped his family and career to become a tour guide on a Nile steamer...











This is the first volume in this series of adventure stories, set in the heady and often dangerous days between the two World Wars.

The National Socialist Party is starting to make inroads into German politics and has already started holding what were to become the infamous rallies in Nuremberg.  Such large-scale public relations exercises require considerable funding, part of which comes from diamonds smuggled up through the continent from the Kaiser's former territory of South West Africa.

It takes a calculatingly ruthless operative to do this - and such a one is found in the embittered Herr Graff von Hohenstadt und Waldstein-Turingheim, a dispossessed aristocrat of the old Prussian school.

Rupert Winfield, the Company's tour guide on the little Nile steamer Khufu, has his work cut-out trying to look after the odd assortment of tourists which, more often than not, is quite a tall order despite the able assistance of the Company's Eqyptian cruise manager, Mohammed. 

The situation in which Rupert finds himself - both romantically and physically - by the time Khufu reaches Aswan is compounded by two mysterious deaths and the sudden appearance of a new, unexpected passenger - a tall, hawk-like man with a heavy walking stick, which is crowned by an ornate silver handle shaped like a griffin.

Major Ashdown of Military Intelligence arrives from Wadi Haifa too late to catch Khufu, as she has already set sail up the Nile for distant Cairo. The railway line to Cairo is closed, due to an accident and time is running out for Major Ashdown to find a way to stop the diamonds reaching Germany...

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The second novel in this series, The Gershom Scroll, was published in March, 2015.