What is the significance of the Gershom Scroll? Of what possible relevance can a 2,000 year old partial fragment of Nabatean writing be to the 1930s? Rupert Winfield soon finds himself asking the same question...


















The young archaeologist Rupert Winfield has risen through the ranks of his travel company and has been entrusted with leading the company's first tour to the sites of the Holy Land and the rose pink city of Petra. The group seems pleasant enough and are fortunate to have a professor, a world authority on both the region and the history of Petra, as their cultural guide.

A diminuitive cleric is also amongst the group, unexpectedly fulfilling his life's ambition to visit the sites about which he, too, is something of an expert. Two individuals with little in common except their knowledge, but they discover a bond of understanding that only manifests itself once they have reached the ancient city.

A chantreuse from the East End of London and her adored husband long for something better than the dingy nightclub in Haifa - the bright lights of Jerusalem are just over the hill, but far out of reach...until someone appears during the performance one night and offers then the help they have only been able to dream about. An eager young American photographer, bent on fame, takes photos of Petra: innocent enough, but they all become important in the search for "The Rocks That Burn".

What is the significance of a fragment of marble on which is inscribed a partial message from thousands of years before? Why does Whitehall become obsessed with it and why do both Winfield and Doctor Stephen Hopkins become involved in what seems to be a wild goose chase?

This, the second instalment in the Journeys of Rupert Winfield series, takes the reader from the wonders of ancient Pompeii, through the heat of Palestine and the Jewish inheritance, to the silent splendour of the ancient city of Petra. This journey, which is the result of something that happened several thousand years before, draws in the most unlikely characters, some of whom encounter unexpected danger along the way.


THE GERSHOM SCROLL was published by the Book Guild in March, 2015.


The third novel in the series, THE CLOTH OF DESTINY, is also now complete and awaiting the attention of a publisher.