Behind the beautiful voices of the Contessa's angels lurked darker natures; in one or two cases dark skeletons hung in cupboards, the doors of which were best left firmly closed...












This is the second in the An Eccentric in Lucca series of novels, which are set against the sunny, relaxed landscape of Tuscany.

The Chamber Opera Group of Lucca is back for more music and misadventure, once again led by the eccentric Contessa, who is equally plagued by nostalgia and the irksome behaviour of her vindictive dog and irascible housekeeper.


COGOL's latest concert is to raise funds for working animals in the Middle East and India and she is comforted by the contribution that her singing angels are able to make to this worthy cause. She still feels great joy at the sounds produced by the group's heavenly voices. However, their private lives are not nearly as angelic as their vocal harmonies and even the beautiful landscape of Renaissance Lucca can do nothing to soothe and tame them.


The mezzo-soprano finally succumbs to the demons in her head. The Contessa is faced with the issue of replacing her at short notice, but the rest of the group have far more pressing problems of their own. Tito Viale is now desperately seeking a solution to his home issue, to the wife who has touched nothing but his wallet for years; Yvonne Buckingham is proving to be more thorn than rose; and Riccardo Fossi is still enjoying the attentions of more than one woman, but his shady criminal dealings are attracting a very different kind of attention. Only Amilcare Luchetti can say that he is genuinely happy, but a surprise is awaiting him that will rock his world.  


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