COVID and its variants are still with us, but possibly we are starting to make headway in the fight against the virus. If we all continue doing our bit and following the health guidelines, perhaps we will be able to enjoy a 2022 that is a little nearer to “normality” than the last one.

As they say on the Emerald Isle, the cure is in our hands, so keep washing them!

That much we can do. We can also do what we can to reverse the changing climate our home planet is going through. Even if it is a naturally occurring cycle of change, as happens over thousands of years, there are small steps we can take to improve things or even possibly stave off the inevitable in time to come. One brick does not construct a building: hundreds of thousands of bricks, each as single contributors do.

This year is set to be one of publication of new writing, as well as that of second editions of previous works. All in all, a year of exciting prospects.