A Taste of Lorrha

Nestling in the gentle hills of north Tipperary, strategically placed close to the mighty River Shannon, is the monastic village of Lorrha. Its very existence goes back to the middle of the first millennium, when Lorrha would have been sought out not only for spiritual guidance, but as a refuge offering food and shelter against the considerable troubles of those times. With the connection to St Ruadhán, visits to Lorrha would almost certainly have also been a pilgrimage for those on their own spiritual journey.

Within the parish of Lorrha and Dorrha, the village has evolved over the last 1,500 years and today stands proud amidst the remains of the three religious sites it contains. Just as in the past the monks would have welcomed travellers to Lorrha, the same essence of hospitality holds true today: you will be welcomed in that same spirit of community with a “Hello, you are most welcome!”, ensuring that those lucky enough to visit Lorrha do not forget their experience of the village.

The purpose behind this book is to introduce you to Lorrha through the dual meanings of the word “Taste”: the community submitted family recipes, some of which recall the favourite baking of previous generations or the influence of those with foreign connections now resident in the parish; a brief introduction shines a light on the historical aspect of the village. Although small in settlement, Lorrha is considerable in terms of its contribution to the multi-faceted history of Ireland.

Copies raise funds for SCÉAL and are available through Amazon.

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