Stuart Fifield was born in Islington, North London and spent his early years in Uganda and Kenya, where his father was a Civil Servant.  Following Kenyan Independence, the family moved first to the Seychelles, then to Australia and finally to South Africa, before returning to the United Kingdom in 1990.  Travelling so much during his childhood has fostered a life-long love of travel, which continues to this day.

Stuart finished his education in South Africa and obtained a Master of Music degree from the South African College of Music, University of Cape Town.  He followed a career as a concert soloist in oratorio and opera, singing baritone repertoire.  He also studied clarinet and piano and spent almost a decade as a musical director, conducting both concert and brass bands.

After returning to the United Kingdom, Stuart was co-owner of a successful interior design consultancy.  He then went on to become a web page designer, before qualifying as a secondary school Music teacher.  During his teaching career, he also taught other subjects, including English, History and Drama, before changing to primary level education.

Stuart Fifield lives with his partner in County Tipperary, where he divides his time between writing, researching, gardening and travelling.  He is a regular visitor to Italy and to Egypt.

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