Current Projects

I’m writing about my experiences in the classroom over many years. The non-fiction recall of life at the pitface of the teaching profession is entitled DID I MAKE A DIFFERENCE? and should be available as an ebook by the end of this year.

The fourth and final book in the Rupert Winfield Quartet is underway. This final chapter in The Journeys of Rupert Winfield takes you to the burning deserts of Libya between the two World Wars and the struggle between Il Duce’s jewel in the crown colony of the new Roman Empire and the struggle for self-determination of the local inhabitants. London seems to be mildly interested in reports of Nazi plans for long range rockets and there is always the threat of Italian expansion into Egypt and the Suez Canal.

It seems to be the closing of another chapter, as the fourth in the An Eccentric in Lucca series is also underway. There might be another one after that, ater all the Contessa is a wily bird and music is her sustaining passion…

I am also planning to make the various arrangements for concert band, made during a near-decade tenure as the musical director of the East Grinstead Concert Band, available through this website.

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