It’s in the can…

… as they used to say on the film set or in the editing suite, once the movie was complete. Or, as in the case of the infamous CLEOPATRA [the Holywood one] it very nearly ended up in the pan. Hopefully, being lovingly produced on an extremely modest budget, my latest offering will not suffer a similar fate ! Desides which, these days it’s probably more appropriate to say its on the memory card … or on the disc.

Follow this link to learn all about being an archaeologist-tour guide on the Nile in the late 20s:

With the breadth of the African continent out of the way, Rupert moves into the geographically more concentrated, but no less dangerous, confines of Palestine in the early 1930s. Oh yes … and he crosses swords, in a manner of speaking, with Il Duce in distant Rome and meets Jewish aspirations head on in the Promised Land. And to think that it was all started by an innocuous professor in the vaults of the British Museum …

Apart from the proofing, this past week has been a good one for renewing broken links (to use modern parlance) with friends from the dim, but not too distant, past. It’s great to just pick up from where we left off some 30+ years ago (!!).

All that nostalgia got me scratching through my old photo albums … well, I say “albums”, but in reality a large shoe box … to see what was in there and what had been forgotten over the years.

In my younger days I was heavily involved in opera at the tip of the African continent. When I think back to the productions we mounted – when Performing Arts Council money was quite literaly no object -I remain in awe of the achievement. I found this picture of a production of Vedi’s OTELLO; appropriate, given the fact that it is Verdi bicentenary year.

OTELLO in Cape Town’s opera house.

And yes, the costume really was that grubby, although it had been “distressed” in the best possible taste ! Viva Il Leone di San’ Marco !

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