Only Another Eleven Days…

… before the Contessa di Capezzani-Batelli appears in hardback. She’s been getting to know people in e-book form for the past couple of weeks, but 28th November is her big day – not to mention the Angels of her Chamber Opera Group of Lucca, who will be on the shelves alongside her. This is what has already been written about her first appearance on the shelves (or should that be amongst the gigabytes?) :

This is what some are saying about the first appearance of the ECCENTRIC IN LUCCA.

All of which makes me spare more than just a thought for the people behind the scenes, who make all of this happen.

I might be the one who has thought all of this up, but having had the baby – possibly the simplest part of the process – it’s been the hard work of the editors to apply the gloss, the art department to come up with yet another brilliant jacket design (go Kieran !) and the small army of other people, whose job it is to get the Contessa out there in whatever format you choose to indulge yourself with. Well done Louise and all of your team. This week I’ve been told that the Book Guild have already selected ERRANT ANGELS as one of the 8 new books they will be presenting to the Reading Agency before Christmas. I’m sure Pen (a.k.a. La Contessa) would approve !

East Grinstead Concert Band organized our second annual Poppy Appeal concert recently in St Swithun’s church, East Grinstead. Unfortunately, it was on the eve of the worst storm for many, many years. In response to the comment, ‘At least it’s not an outdoors concert,’ one informed soul in the upper woodwind section was heard to reply, ‘It will be if the wind blows the roof off!’

The Masks of musical comedy and tragedy ? Not really, just trying to squeeze everyone into the available space in the church. With Clive, our librarian.

Despite that, we raised over £300. Disappointing, considering the widespread coverage several of our members managed to obtain through various local media and their own hard work and dedication to the cause. Still, every pound helps the Legion with their work of caring for ex-servicemen and women.

Most of EGCB in full blow with Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’. Very appropriate, considering the tempest that was brewing outside! Thanks to Justin for the photo.

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