All singing and dancing…

…down 42nd Street up in London’s West End. Fantastic show and well worth the effort of going up to town to see it. In fact, by the end of the overture and opening number, I was feeling quite exhausted just watching all the tap dancing. Great stuff!!

The singing and dancing doesn’t stop there – well possibly just a tiny bit less energetic on the tap side, but the excitement was just the same. I received my pre-launch copy of FAMILY CONCERNS and the Book Guild have done a great job with the production side of things. Copies should be on the bookshelves or in the ether on April 28th.

It’s been a week for new releases. Many moons ago, when I had given up secondary school teaching to write, I switched to supply teaching at primary level. During one of my daily placements I met a fellow teacher, who also harboured an ambition to write. We got chatting in the staff room – as you do – and I left him my contact details. I was thrilled to receive an email from him telling me that he has finished his first book – great to be remembered and even greater to be sent a signed copy, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading! I’ve always admired the likes of Amy Johnson, but finding out a lot more about Amy the woman has extended this admiration considerably: a driven feminine go-getter in a man’s world.

unto the skies

Being Book Guild published authors is also a pleasant coincidence. Speaking of which, I have now been given an author profile on the Book Guild web site:

Just to emphasize the idea of our ever-shrinking world, I’ve also been contactd by a book readers’ group from sunny, down-south-Australia. They have been reading the Rupert Winfield series and – from reports – have thoroughly enjoyed them. Number 3 – THE CLOTH OF DESTINY – is already finished and should be out around this time next year.

In the meantime, you might be interested to have a look at a “meet the author” video we’ve posted on YouTube:


Other good news this week is that my cousin in South Africa has just re-married, after a long spell of widowhood. She looks very happy, so we wish her all the happiness possible.

Down side of the week (the yin and yang of the pendulum) is that we had to say good bye Boris, our blue Burmese. Still, you can’t win them all – onward and upward.






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